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“Transforming communities from surviving to thriving.”

N2L+MED is the division of the Foundation committed to create the opportunity for communities to experience enriched quality of life by providing medical care. 

The mission of N2L+MED is to provide improved personal and community health to individuals with poor access to medical care. This is achieved through acute care in mobile clinics, sustained care through local partnerships, and preventative care through public health initiatives.

N2L+MED focuses on one medically under-served community at a time in order to create strong relationships and sustainable outcomes. Our current efforts focus on elementary school children and their surrounding community in an impoverished part of a small island province in the Philippines. This community is called Pato-O (PAH-TO-OH) and is on the island of Tablas in the province of Romblon, Philippines. In Pato-O we provide care for the school children and their immediate family. We treat any acute illnesses during our medical missions and perform very basic procedures. Medical clinics also provide dental care, prescription glasses, and facilitate higher level of care when indicated. We methodically record data from our clinics to identify public health concerns and chronic illness. This also allows us to monitor individual care from year to year.  

Through our clinics we have identified specific subsets of high-risk patients with diabetes, hypertension, chronic respiratory illness, and anemia. We have developed sustainability programs, working with nurses in the community, to dispense medications, provide education, and facilitate follow up in our absence. They also record the progress of these interventions to demonstrate the measurable outcomes of our effort. 

Through the feeding program the students of Pato-O elementary school are served a healthy meal while at school three days a week. This is sponsored by N2L  partners in order to eradicate the high malnutrition rate and promote school attendance. There is a research study under way to evaluate the effect of the feeding program on malnutrition in the school. To date over 54,000 meals have been served to the children of Pato-O Elementary School.

N2L+MED’s partners, Arizona Nutritional Supplements and Falling Leaf Nutraceuticals, have provided vitamins for the students of the Pato-O elementary school in Odiongan, Romblon, Philippines. The vitamins are provided during the months school is in session. To date over 86,000 children’s multivitamins, iron tablets, prenatal vitamins, and adult vitamins have been dispensed either through the school, our medical clinics, or our sustainability programs.

Blessy Mae Marcela was a 2 year-old little girl living in the barangay (village) Pato-O, where N2+MED conducts medical clinics. We met Blessy Mae in 2010 during a clinic focusing on children. It was clear early on that she had a heart defect. N2L+MED funded her consultation with Dr. Karl Reyes, a pediatric cardiothoracic surgeon in Manila.  Blessy Mae needed two separate surgeries to survive. Sadly, while coordinating funding for surgery, she suddenly died in 2011.

The Blessy May Memorial fund is an emergency fund to quickly address acute life threatenig conditions identified in pediatric patients in our focus community of Pato-O.
We believe health and relief of suffering are fundamental in living an enriched and abundant life. In providing medical care we build relationships and share the Nothing to Lose values with our patients, volunteers, and partners. By pursing these medical and public health projects, while embracing the Nothing to Lose values, we motivate individuals to pursue their dreams, nurture their talents and ignite passion in current and future generations.

We recognize that education at all levels is critical in breaking the cycle of poverty. For this reason, N2L+MED works with school children and their immediate families for medical care. It is also for this reason that our feeding and vitamin programs focus on children and youth. We recognize that poverty extends beyond financial disparity and lack of resources. For many, poverty of opportunity, self-confidence, and hope can be more powerful barriers than financial limits. We encourage our volunteers and those we serve to overcome limiting beliefs, and see themselves as powerful individuals and leaders. We encourage them to hold themselves to high standards of excellence and purse their dreams.

The best way to support N2L is through a regular monthly donation. Please visit our Donate page to set up a regular donation